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Great times are ahead for our community with Neil Levin as president

Jewish Federation CEO

As we celebrate Chanukah, we also celebrate a new president on the Jewish Federation board. On November 4, Dr. Neil Levin was installed, along with his fellow board officers and new incoming members. New leadership to our board always brings with it the excitement of new ideas and new avenues of service for our community. Our lay leaders are an integral part of what makes the Jewish Federation tick.

Neil’s wealth of experience will be an asset to this Federation, and we are thrilled to have him step into the role of president of the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey.

Neil began his involvement with the Jewish Federation in the mid 1990s after he moved to the area with his wife, Andi. He started off with the Young Leadership Council and then co-chaired the Jewish Medical Society. Neil and his wife Andi chaired Super Sunday in 2001.

Neil has been an active member of the Jewish Federation board since 2000, chairing the Planning Committee and the Budget and Allocations Committee. He was a vice president of the Jewish Federation, and is a past president of the Jewish Community Voice. He also recently served on the board of Kellman Brown Academy.

Working with Neil is a pleasure. He respects and honors this community tremendously and has provided incredible fiscal oversight and guidance through the years. All of this expertise makes Neil the perfect person to take on the incredibly important job of president of the Jewish Federation. This role requires someone who sees the bigger picture—and can plan for the future—as well guide us through the here and now.

The community has only grown and become more unified over the last couple of years. Neil’s wealth of knowledge and time in the community will have a positive effect in that we will only become stronger and more vibrant. As we continue the good work we do throughout the community— and beyond—we are already envisioning new ways to keep Jewish South Jersey THE place to be for many more years to come.

Spending time with Neil and his beautiful family will add a great dimension to our community and make us all stronger. Neil, it is my honor to have you serve as president for the next two years! Just like the light of the Chanukah candles, I know the coming time will spark great things for our community here in South Jersey, and for our Federation.

Happy Chanukah to all!


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