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Amazing volunteer advisors help BBYO chapters reach greater heights

By OWEN SOLER & CHLOE CASTRO Regional Mazkirim

Advisors Deb Borenstein and Jolie Doogan represented their chapters at BBYO Tournies 2018. Advisors Deb Borenstein and Jolie Doogan represented their chapters at BBYO Tournies 2018. Behind every chapter, there is an amazing (volunteer) advisor helping the teens lead the future. South Jersey Region’s advisors are all fantastic people who generously donate their time to stand with the members and encourage them to be role models and outstanding characters in the community. We are so thankful for all of the work that our advisors put into their respective chapters and the region as a whole. All of our teens look up to them as prominent figures and role models in their lives, and they also obtain key life skills from them as well.

Behind the scenes of every event or fundraiser, the advisors will always go out of their way to assist in helping their teens create the programs but also to coach them through the process. Advisors are always there to help teens accomplish tasks that they didn’t know they could. For example, most teens are afraid of public speaking, but by the time they are about to graduate from high school, they are all proficient in talking to a large group of people. Advisors really do contribute to this accomplishment. Our advisors have a great passion for working with the aspiring leaders in our community, and they all truly do leave a lasting impact on them.

We all know that all of our teen leaders are truly thankful for the endless amount of work that our advisors do for them. They are true role models for our members whether they know it or not. Teens are able to go to their advisor or any staff in our region and tell them about anything because the teens can trust them to give advice and have their best interest at heart. Deb Borenstein, SJR’s 2017- 2018 advisor of the year, is the perfect example of how much our teens love our advisors.

“I can’t even describe how amazing Deb truly is. She has transformed Ohev and each member within the chapter. Deb is always there for every girl no matter who it is. She’s a mentor to each of us and because of that our sisterhood and bond is stronger than it has ever been. Deb is not only our advisor and mentor, but she’s also our friend and our forever BBYO mom,” said Jordyn Malmud, president and proud member of Ohev BBG.

This just shows how much our members care and appreciate everything that their advisors do for them! Our members are so grateful for all of their advisors and all of the time that they donate to further the advancement of the Jewish faith leadership in South Jersey and all over the world. Without them, members would have no one to go to for help in their chapters and even their personal lives. They are such a great resource to the teens of South Jersey Region, and we can’t thank them enough for all of the hard work that they do for our teens and the community. Advisors never get the spotlight that they deserve, but they do play such an imperative role in our region as well as shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

If you have any questions about BBYO or are interested in becoming an advisor, please contact us at sjr@bbyo.org. 

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