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Super Sunday/Week is a true test of our community’s sustainability

Jewish Federation CEO

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, the global population of Jewish people reached only 14.4 million in 2016. With the total world population reaching 7.6 billion, sustaining our Jewish way of life has never been more vital. In order for that to happen, we as a community need to work together to keep our way of life thriving.

We are currently in the midst of Super Week, during which we aim to raise over $1- million in donations to allocate towards our areas of impact: Older adults, special needs, global connections, community engagement, and family and youth. These areas of impact sustain our Jewish community and Jewish communities around the world. In fact, Super Sunday/Week is truly an annual test of the Jewish community’s ability to take ownership of its own sustainability. What we may lack in numbers, we make up for in heart, passion, and tzedakah.

It was an absolute pleasure to see so many new and familiar faces at this year’s Super Sunday phon-athon. From making calls to organizing pledge cards to stuffing envelopes, the passion of all those involved was a sight to behold. It’s that ruach, that spirit, which draws others into our worldwide efforts to keep Jewish life and issues relevant regardless of how few we are in number. That same spirit was present in those who donated on Sunday, as those individuals and families contributed to something bigger than themselves: The idea of the Jewish community impacting those in need. It’s that generosity which allows Jewish life to flourish.

Dollars raised during Super Sunday/Week will not only support the Jewish community in the present. Our goal—and our mission—is to sustain our Jewish community into the future. As our way of life evolves, so does the Jewish community. Change, though scary, is also something we should embrace with open arms. Super Sunday/Week is one example of the Jewish community taking ownership of that change by supporting the sustainability of Jewish agencies, day schools, synagogues, and more.

However, the job is not complete yet. Super Week continues through Feb. 1. The Marvin Samson Foundation will match any new or increased pledge to JFund throughout Super Week, making this a perfect time to give back to the Jewish community. Super Sunday/Week accounts for approximately 1/3 of our annual giving; meaning people like you make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people locally and even more people globally. It’s time to come together to volunteer, to donate, and to sustain the ruach created on Super Sunday/Week to help our community now and for years into the future.

During the rest of this week, you may receive a call from one of our volunteers asking you for a new or increased pledge to JFund. Please, consider taking that call. Be an integral part of the continued sustainability of the Jewish community we know and love. Be a part of something bigger—make an IMPACT by donating to JFund this week. 


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